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Portals of London now features over 40 posts exploring a temporally unstable history of London from Roman times to the present day. The support, encouragement and inspiration I receive from readers of the blog and social media has genuinely kept the stories coming. It is the reason they grew from 4 to 40.

Thank you.

For a while now I have wanted to share some smaller miscellany from the world of Portals of London, but could never hit on the right format.

Now, like you, I find myself with lots of time at home, and diminished opportunites for income. The launch of the Rotherhithe Archive – alongside a Paypal donation button – suggested itself.

I hope you enjoy the Archive. There are many more items to come – and plenty of ‘conventional’ blog posts in the offing.

Times are hard for all of us. But if you can afford it – and you like what Portals of London do – please consider buying us a drink (for when, you know, the pubs and cafes are open and we’re all allowed out to frequent them).

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READ BEFORE DONATING: If you are not already 100% on where Portals of London and its author are coming from, please do not click the button without first reading this article: An interview with the author

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