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Rotherhithe Archive #C762

PoL notes:

Taken from a page of the famous online forum. This one is a mystery. It contains uncanny resonances for those in our field.

2 comments on “The Chamber subreddit

  1. Portal Discoverer

    I think I’ve found evidence of TV emissions that could show TV programs from other dimensions. On YouTube someone posted a video on 11 August 2019 that the person recorded from Channel 4 in the UK. It doesn’t look normal, it appears to be created in another universe. The title of the YouTube video is: The Littlest Bobo – creepy weird Channel 4 animated short from 1999 (

    Please, could you look into this and maybe even do an article about this specific alternate dimension show? I’ve searched everywhere on Google and YouTube and no one has an answer! There isn’t even commentaries on the YouTube video so possibly none saw this alternate dimension show’s emission coming through to our world and only the video poster on YouTube have captured this phenomenon on video!


  2. No record of this subreddit, even on the internet archive?*/


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