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Notes and ephemera on the Stoke Newington Nursery Vanishing

Rotherhithe Archive #P4862

PoL notes:

We were honoured to discover that Maeve Atkins, defacto leader of the Redriffe Society, has added a piece of PoL’s own ephemera to the Archive. The booklet, related to the Stoke Newington Nursery Vanishing, was pulled together with the help of former City of London tour guide Graham Herod. It was handed out when Portals of London joined London Dreamtime for a guided excursion into the strange story of Alice Mayhew.

Thanks to Maeve for the following images:

6 comments on “Notes and ephemera on the Stoke Newington Nursery Vanishing

  1. Mike Tristram

    A still greater puzzle: Elizabeth Mayhew’s writing in her diary may not be the easiest, but: why was she writing about the Great Bed of Ware?


  2. emma rosamund tristram

    Gets more Sebaldian as time passes! I love the wallpaper advertisement.


    • The Rings of Saturn certainly swirls somewhere in the cosmos of influences.

      We used another great wallpaper ad (Jeffrey & Co of Essex Road) in the original post.


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